Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Here We Go Again.......

Hello. Welcome back. It's been a while .

Maybe I haven't been in contact as much I should. And that's my fault - I'm sorry. But I reckon you might forgive me, so I'll carry on bashing away regardless. At the keyboard I mean; I have a girlfriend now, you know.

A lot had happened since my last entry. I've been on a 30,000 mile circuit of earth, had a more cheese-on-toast than I care to mention, and indulged in countless afternoon naps. Under a clean duvet. And in silence.

Now I'm going to try to do it all again. What a berk. This time it's New Zealand, via Australia.

I am out of blogging practice so you'll have to excuse me if my usual devastating eloquence and wordsmithery have temporarily deserted me. I am sure that after a box of goon and an apalling night's sleep, constantly awoken by slamming doors and shagging, no doubt my powers will return.

So here we go again.....

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