Thursday, August 14, 2008

Whether or Not...

Weathermen in Auckland have it easy.

Alongside guitarist in Wham, and singer in Milli Vanilli it must be one of the easiest jobs in the world, simply because with the same certainty that the Sun will rise, and the Earth will turn, it WILL rain.

I've never lived in a city so perpetually sodden, so cruelly hammered by the elements. Yet, conversely and seemingly at odds with this statement, the weather is still unpredictable because, though you know it will stair rod down, you never know exactly when.

Anyone who's popped their head out of the window, and seeing the sunshine, then thinks they can make the 100 yard mad dash to the petrol station for spaghetti hoops without a coat, will usually be hosed down within 40 seconds of leaving their front door.

Similarly, anyone strapping themselves up in Gortex and bubblewrap to defend themselves from a meteorological onslaught is bound to find the daily downpour a few hours late, and thus is likely boil to death in the afternoon sun.

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