Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Gaijin and Tonic

Right. This is the plan.

Down to London on 24th March. Fly-out to Tokyo 27th, stay for a few days, and then down to Oz, arriving in Sydney on the 2nd April at 7.05am.

I am hoping the residents of Tokyo will welcome me back with open arms like some kind of gaijin prodigal son. “Oh Fideep-san, we have missed your unironed shirts and singular wit”, but somehow I doubt it.

Having had time to reflect on my previous trip, apart from the all-pervading monstrous carbuncle that polluted and poisoned every aspect of my life, (I mean Shane – not my burger curry diet), Japan was mind-blowing.

In so many ways it’s the model country: kind, polite, clean and efficient. Now if I could just get a job over there utilising my extensive sitcom knowledge my life would be complete.

I will be happy to return.

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