Friday, March 30, 2007

Quick Update


No time for wit this time (nor last time, I hear some of you cry).

This tinternet cafe is costing me a fortune, so I will be brief.

Here's a bulletpoint style update:

* BA were as mediocre as always - two hours late taking off, poor selection of TV and film, fugly stewardesses. Food weren't bad though

* Staying in Ueno with Helmut. Flat v rustic, even though in the city. Built just after massive Tokyo earthquake of 1923. Resembles Soviet towerblock.

* Raging jetlag. Using sleepmask from plane during day. Woke up at 4am and went to buy KitKat from 24hr shop. Forgot had sleep mask on head. Got funny looks.

* It is blossom season in Japan. Ueno Park is in full bloom. Looks great. There is also a festival in the park check out photos below

Will update later

1 comment: said...

They have kit kats in Japan? Can you take a picture of a wrapper to prove it?