Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ozzy Oz Bound


Anyway, what’s Australia really like? Don’t know. In a bid to answer this question, I decided to do an Oz-themed brainstorm.

Actually we are now supposed to use the term Thought Shower. The term brainstorm is banned as it offensive to epileptics. Well, so is Jim Davidson, but no one has got round to banning him yet.

Here are some things that come to mind when I think of Australia:

People called Bruce
Big spiders
Harold Bishop
Nicole Kidman
Places with names like “Woolooboolawangarungi”

As you can see, I am hoping to broaden my cultural understanding of Australia.

I arrive in Sydney at 7.05 in the morning, but seeing as my Australian friend Kristy doesn’t finish work until 5.15 I am going to have some time to kill. Any ideas?

Incidentally, when Kristy and I lived together in London, Andy and I forcibly made her watch the Monty Python Philosophers Sketch.

She sat through the whole thing stony-faced. “Bruce, this is Bruce”. - nothing, no reaction. “Rule One…No Poofters….Rule Two….No mistreating the Abbos”. Again, nothing.

At the end, she turned to me and Andy, who were in stitches, and announced, as if delivering the final verdict: “This is not funny”.

Doesn't bode well.

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