Sunday, October 28, 2007

Holy Ship!

Yesterday decided to go down to Circular Quay and the Bridge to retake the photos I lost when my USB drive went walkabouts.

Completely forgot about the "Rhapsody Of The Seas". Don't know if you saw this is in the news, but it's the biggest ship ever to grace Sydney Harbour and only cleared the Harbour Bridge by 2 metres when it arrived a few days back.

So as well as grabbing some good images of the bridge, I also snapped off a couple of the ship. And, yes, it's big. Very big.

And embarrassingly, even though they were moored in Circular Quay, the still decided to hold an evacuation drill. This meant those on the quayside could watch and snicker while various blue-rinsed septugenarians in luminous orange lifejackets trundled out to line up along the side of the ship like the world's longest police identity parade.

Look at these photos. I am the new Patrick Lichfield.


Dad said...

A few more lessons from Louise methinks!! Patrick Lichfield NOT!!!

Anonymous said...

cool photos. obviously not as good as mine :))))))))


Phil`s dad said...

Hi! Gena , How`s things?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mr. Rowley.

I am very very sorry for your loss, the news Phil told me made me really sad.

I am fine, still in Lafniva building my small financial empire. Next time I am in the UK, will try to make a surprise visit to Lark Rise, would love to see you.

Phil`s dad said...

Do it Gena! Your always welcome here as Phil`s surrogate brother.