Saturday, October 13, 2007

No "Non-PC" PCs

Received this email today:


The ICT policy prohibits you using the RailCorp email system to send sexually explicit or otherwise inappropriate material.

In considering whether material is inappropriate, you can ask yourself:

“If I printed out that picture, would it be acceptable to pin it on the wall in front of all my fellow staff, my managers, and in public view as representing the image RailCorp wants to present to the NSW community?”

Examples (not an exhaustive list) of inappropriate items are:

· Nudity, both male and female
· Swimsuit, lingerie and underwear pictures
· Images/text/videos/jokes/cartoons which may offend on racial/ethnic grounds or on religious grounds

. Pictures/cartoons:

o which show or concentrate on human genitals/sexual anatomy
o of animals apparently engaged in sexual acts
o involving bodily functions (eg: vomiting, urinating, defecating)
o of medical/surgical procedures or of wounds/injuries

All of these items may cause offence and/or discomfort for someone in our workplace, and therefore they are not appropriate.

You should have no expectation of privacy in relation to your use of email in the workplace.

Bloody spoil sports...........

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