Friday, June 22, 2007

Jobs: A Good 'Un

So I now need a job.

The several leads I had when I arrived didn't pan out. It's just a pity I had wait two months for it not to pan out, but you can't have everything. Where would you put it?

But I need an income. So last week I went about the task of signing up to a slew of recruitment agencies. I've never been particularly impressed with the recruitment agencies I've encountered in London; they promise much but deliver little.

First up, Geoffrey Nathan. Technically not a recruitment consultant rather a payroll agency. This means they specialise in helping foreign visitors claim employment benefits - tax relief, living away from home allowance etc. In turn they then pass your CV and details on to a host of affiliated recruitment consultancies.

"Keep your mobiles on" said the bloke after the induction "You'll get calls this afternoon". A week later I had received nothing.

Next up, Hudson Recruitment which a friend of the lovely Charmaine's passed on to me. Called them and fired off an email. Had a response within the hour aksing me to come in for an interview at 10am the next morning. Fast work, I thought.

Hudson had a department devoted to advertising/marketing and PR. The woman said they "...were crying out for people..." and also said " me in a week if you've heard nothing..."

A week later I'd heard nothing. I called. It went to answer phone every time. I left a message asking her to call me back. So far, zero.

Finally, Chris and I discovered that we had a mutual acquaintance in Sophie who worked at EMAP in London. What's more, she was now in Australia. Chris emailed her asking for recruitment leads on my behalf. Duly she responded with three: KPMR, People Connect and ICUR.

Immediately, I rattled off emails/phone calls to them all. KPMR responded immediately saying their person was in London for 2 weeks. Ironic. No, wait, not ironic. Inconvenient. People Connect said to call back on Monday. ICUR didn't even bother to respond.


Soon, I will get to the point where this trip may have cost me too much. And so far I've only seen Sydney. So I need a job. Or I need to take what money I have and go and see the rest of the country. I am not travelling 10,553 miles across the planet only to pass Ayres Rock on the flight home.

It's not that I'm skint, but I've seen Sydney and hanging around in the Pink House is now a waste of money.

Need a plan, man.

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