Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sine Riters

I hav nevver scene such pore spelling as I hav in Ostralia.

Particularly their signs. If I see one more incorrect spelling of "accommodation", I am going to do someone a mischief.

Same goes for "vegatarin kebabs", "DVD's & CD's" and my favourite "....it is absolutly this bar's policey...."

So my question is this: if you are a professional signmaker, is it not a key requirement for you to be able to spell? And second if you are the proprietor of a hostel/hotel/motel, have you not come across the word "accommodation" before?

"Here's the 20ft sign you ordered"

"Let me just check it. OK. Acomodation. One "c", one "m". Yep, that all appears to be in order. Hoist that up on to the front of the building where everyone can see it, would you, mate?"

Still, we are all fallible. Whilst I rarely make spelling errors, I am prone to the odd typo.

The best one I've ever made: I wanted to type "discount" and instead I typed "discocunt".

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