Sunday, June 24, 2007

Game On

Games play a big part in Pink House life. Thank goodness that everyone takes being childish so seriously.

Aside from cheapo Jenga clone "Tumbl-O-Block" and ersatz Connect 4 knock-off "Connect-O-Line", the main game in the courtyard is cards.

"Shithead" is of course most popular, although due to arguments over the rules we now enforce strict "Pink House Shithead Rules" to stop arguments like this happening:

2 goes on anything, doesn't it?

No, 3 goes on anything. 10 clears the pack

Unless someone laid a 7 first. Because 7 means next person goes lower.

No. You can put a 10 on a 7, because 10 is a magic card.

No it's not

etc etc etc

The whole thing resembles the "Go Johnny Go Go Go Go" sketch from the League Of Gentlemen: "Name your pairs. Well you can't look at 'em! This is Go Johnny Go Go Go Go, not Bamalama-Fizz-Vadge.

See here for the rules to the League Of Gentlemen Game:

My favourite game, however, is Spoons. Exceedingly pointless and utterly, utterly childish it's a like a pre-school cross between Snap and Musical Chairs.

The aim is thus: everyone had four cards and must discard one of their choice (to their left) whilst picking up someone else's discarded card (from the right). The moment a player has four identical cards he makes a grab for one of the spoons on the table, prompting the other players to a mad scramble for the remaining spoons.

Of course, like musical chairs, there's one less spoon than there is players. So someone ends up getting nothing. Apart from the hump.

Some very, very short clips:

Here Fletcher from Massachusetts isn't quick enough on the draw. Danny from Buxton celebrates his victory like a true Derbyshire lad: "Yes!"

Here Siah beats everyone to the spoon, leaving some bloke called Alistair in a mood.

Although it may not look like it, it's actually bloody good fun.......

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