Saturday, June 02, 2007


What do you call a zoo with nothing but one small dog on display? A Shit-Zoo

Zoos. They can be a bit disappointing, can't they?

I know from bitter experience (well from a school trip to Twycross actually) that the reptile house is usually just a collection of plants and twigs behind a pane of glass, and the monkey enclosure usually consists of some trees, some tyres and some seemingly invisible monkeys.

A few years back I visited London Zoo and that wasn't much better ; there's nothing particularly edifying about peering through a wire cage at a camel doing a shit on some 1970's concrete.

Taronga Zoo in Sydney, however, is effing great. $40 gets you a boat ride and a cable car up to the zoo plus entry. But the point about Taronga is that first, it's big. Second, it's well laid out. Third, and crucially, it has a decent selection of animals.Highlights were the kangaroos, the tiger and my favourite the Red Panda.

Red Panda

Koalas - couldn't even be arsed to look at the lens

Kangaroos - Rolf Harris not in shot

Tony The Tiger relaxes between scenes in the new Frosties commercial

Siah baits a python.

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