Friday, July 06, 2007


Trust me, this was funny. It probably won't translate, but I'll tell it to you anyway.

Sean is 20. He's a lovely lad from St Helens, and works on a building site here in Sydney. He's quite quiet and thoughtful, but there's a Peter Kay-esque, down-to-earth quality about him.

Last night we were all eating Chinese food - me and Sean digging into a big bag of prawn crackers. He'd been quiet up until this point, when suddenly he held up a cracker to the light and pondered it thoughtfully.

Within a few short seconds he appeared to have a reached a conclusion. I suspected that whatever he had decided was to be earth-shatteringly significant. Profound. Revelatory.

There was a short gap before, in a broad Johnny Vegas accent, he announced:

"They're just like big Quavers aren't thee?"

It took me about 3 minutes to stop laughing.

Another tale: The other night we were all watching Empire Strikes Back on VHS when Sean got up to leave.

"Don't worry Sean" said Franc "We'll tell you how it ends".

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