Wednesday, July 04, 2007


A weird thing happened yesterday.

The Pink House for one reason or another is beginning to thin out; people are leaving for sunnier climes eg Perth, Brisbane, Darwin and further afield Thailand, Singapore and Fiji.

On top of this, two of the long term residents in my room, Siah and Simon have left for Western Australia and by 9.30 last night what people remained had left for The World Bar.

I didn't join the them as, to be quite frank, after two months of World Bar every Tuesday and Thursday it's delights no longer move me in the way they once did.

So at 9.45, the weird thing happened. Silence. Total and utter. The first time I'd ever experienced this in the The Pink House. And I am including late nights and the early hours.

It was a bit like hanging around after school after the kids have gone. An eerie quiet reigned in the corridors, save for the thrum of passing cars and I could hear the blood in my ears. It's only when something like this happens you realise, in its absence, how vibrant this place is.

In fact, if I wanted to get sentimental about it (before I've even left) at a time like that, it would be nice to wander round the empty rooms and, like some scene from Goodbye Mr Chips, or another ITV Drama Premiere, listen to the past echoes of the conversations that have taken place in the rooms.

Worlds Bar tonight? What do you mean, no?

Whose is this washing up? I can't get to the tap.......

The following people owe rent....

Who's that Swedish bird? Is she in your room? Got a boyfriend? Bugger.....

What time did you get in last night?

Can I nick a beer? I've run out......

Is this a bed bug bite or a mosquito?

Of course it wasn't long before the rabble returned.

And soon I was being woken by the rattle-clack of the door catch, the hushed-up bumping, the over cautious rustling, the dull throb and thrump of people padding up carpeted stairs, the barely contained drunken cackles, the snoring and then, in the morning, the ineffectual stealth of people trying to leave the room as quietly as possible.

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