Sunday, September 02, 2007

Quizteam Aguilera

Sunday was Challenge Night at The Pink House. It's like a cross between Fifteen to One and It's A maybe Knock One Out if you will. Or The Krapton Factor, perhaps.

Rounds 1 and 2 were general knowledge followed by name the country, flag and currency respectively. Round 3 was burst your opponents balloon. Round 4 was a MENSA test featuring question like "If the man in white is left of the man in blue who did your Auntie Mary marry at her second cousin's wedding?". Round 5, though billed as a "physical challenge", was essentially "who can do the longest handstand against a wall?". Richard, on our side, was doing very well until he was distracted by his money dropping out his jeans and falling up his nose.

Our team, Challenge Rajika (Raj's bastardisation of 90s teatime show Challenge Anneka) was, of course, victorious. Our prize was a duffed up 1980s Kenwood Coffee maker that looked suspiciously like the one in the kitchen not two minutes previously, which Raj duly held up and kissed as if it was the Jules Rimet Cup itself

Our team are victorious.....

Ava Almighty prays for a handstand to end all handstands..........

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