Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Robbery, Assault and Battery. And Memory Card and Camera

So my camera has been stolen. Annoying for two reasons. 1. the expense, especially on a restricted budget 2. there were still photos/films in it which I hadn't had chance to download. And if I'm honest, I think I'm more pissed about reason 2 than reason 1.

I can't do without a camera. It provides me with an opportunity to record "the event" and document my own personal history. Though they can never take away your memories, and though photographs don't record the smell, and the feel, and the mood of a place, they do act as a trigger and can capture the little details: your hire car's registration plate, those outrageous shorts you were wearing, the pattern on that bar's carpet. So I bought another, and my parents graciously agreed to help me out. Luckily, I got a great deal and my new camera is under lock and key.

The trip to the police station, however, was as futile as I'd anticipated. The officer behind the counter was clearly about 14 and also the most dim-witted policeman I'd ever spoken to (not that I've spoken to many, admittedly). He appeared to be on Work Experience or something, asked me the same questions repeatedly, and gave a slightly confunded "oh yeah" when I told him he'd already written that bit down.

Towards the end of his snail-paced transcribing of the events (which was punctuated by him furrowing his brow and chewing his pencil as if faced with a complicated P11 Tax Form) I looked down and noticed he had a handgun holstered at his side. Good lord. Could I really trust this man to make the right decision as to whether to draw his firearm when I can't trust him to record my details correctly?

Direct Line weren't much help either. I looked into the policy small print and found that it might as well have said "This policy does not cover you for anything that might happen that we might have to pay out for".

Luckily, with regard to my photos from the road trip the previous weekend, Louise had taken some belters which I grabbed copies of. Here are a few examples.

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