Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pub Quiz Champignons

After two second places resulting in a free jug of beer and tickets to some shonky experimental theatre, it was high time we claimed a pub quiz crown.

Off to the Bourbon, then, on King's Cross for was pupported to be a quiz with a $2000 prize. Luckily it was by far the easiest one we've done so far and at the end round one we were already home free.

But, by the end of the quiz despite thrashing the opposition into submission and knocking the nearest team into 2nd place by 10 points, the prize was decided by calling up a team member to the front to scratch some circles off a poxy scratchcard. Obviously, we didn't win.

Disappointing, as despite demonstrating our triv prowess, it would have been easier to nip next door to the newsagent and buy a Scratch-To-Win-Lucky-Dip instead.

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