Saturday, August 25, 2007

Return To The Zoo

Went back to the zoo. This time with a bigger crowd. It really is very good.

A couple of animals were more active this time, although the Tasmanian Devil was as elusive as ever, preferring to skitter in and out of bushes as if on a hike, desperately looking for somewhere to do a wee, but finding walkers around every corner.

Other highlights included a chimp pissing on another chimp's head, Raj claiming a wombat looked like across between a pig and a cat (hence him naming it PigCat) and Richie, on the bus home, despite being 31 and unshaven, bounding up to the driver and saying in the most juvenile tone he could muster "One child's ticket, please".....and getting away with it.

And then Aidan, also 31, also unshaven, and greying slightly saying "Same again, please"....and getting away with it too.

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