Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sydney Tower

First tourist day in a while due to what can only be described as "British Weather"tm.

I'm talking white and grey clouds of nothing. Maybe a breeze, maybe not. Will it rain? Might do. Neither nowt ner summat. Half expected to see a pensioner sat in a deckchair with a knotted hanky and a melting Mr Whippy.

To be honest, under these conditions, Sydney can seem a very mundane city.

However, when, one day I pulled back the curtains to see blue sky I dived out of bed. Well actually I slid out of bed. At 10.30.

Set off along the walk I did last week. Down to Woolloomooloo over to Circular Quay, but this time had a proper wander round the Botanical Gardens.
A good walk. The highlight was peering up at what appeared to be about 100 black rugby balls hanging from the trees, only to realise, when they started moving that they were in fact bats. They were very black and very flappy.
Over to the Sydney Tower. The cheapest ticket was A$24 which was for both the Tower and "Oz Trek".

Tower was very good. It's only when you see Sydney from above you realise what a fractured and splintered city it is ; a collection on beach, coves and inlets lashed together by bridges, tunnels and ferry rides. Could see Coogee, King's Cross and, I think, the Blue Mountains.

Then on to "Oz Trek" which was meant to be a ride through Australian History via virtual reality. In reality, it was virtually pointless. It was a hydraulic seat plonked in front of three tv screens that synched the action with an appropriate movement.

Flying sequences worked very well, but they also seemed to think that any other experience could be recreated with a few jarring jolts to the spine. You're walking through the jungle. BANG BANG BANG goes the seat. CRACK CRACK CRACK goes your coccyx. You're sailing in a ship. THWACK THWACK THWACK goes the seat. BOSH BOSH BOSH goes your head into the head rest.

Not my idea of virtual reality.

Still, the tower was really good and when I got home I realised that The Pink House did a 20% discount voucher. Too late. Arse.
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Have you ridden the public transport to Balls Head yet for the obligatory comedy photo?

Tecla said...

Good words.