Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Roll Call

This last two weeks at The Pink House has been brilliant. Brilliant. I don't know why, really. I just think that people are beginning to bond. It's so important to find decent people. Here are some decent people I have met. I love you all!

Matin (or Matty for short)
I've spoke about Matin before. He is from Tehran and is learning English. He is really coming out his shell and has decided to pretend that he is Mexican for no other reason than to amuse himself.

He has started calling himself Diego, moaning that the American's stole Texas from him and claiming he can make Tequila.

He came unstuck the other night though. He was chatting up a woman and casually dropped into conversation that he was Mexican. "Oh" said the woman "I am from Chile" and launched into Spanish.

"I'll be right back" said Matty/Diego and promptly did a runner.

Siah is a stunner from Vancouver Island. Her Dad is a hippie and she has 7 brothers and sisters all called things like Vertical Porridge Incident, Doncaster Bypass Expectation and ATM Parsnip Wildebeest.

I have been spending a lot of time with her on account of her being a massive Radiohead and Muse fan and also being almost as intelligent as me. We visited Coogee together. She took this photo. As you can see, she went arty.


Jen is a star. She is a nurse from Cambridge and so has a proper job. Whenever she talks to me about her profession I feel guilty; nursing is such a tough job. She is also a bit mental and is not afraid to indulge in the odd skydive, bungee jump, canyon swing, white water rafting expedition.
I have been hanging around with her a lot. I like to think of Siah and Jen as "my bitches". Of course if they knew that they would probably beat the crap out of me. This is Jen's website. On there you can find a video of her doing the biggest Bungee in the world in NZ. Please visit and say nice things.

Phil and Phil

Two top guys from Weymouth, both called Phil. We shared a room meaning there were three Phils in Room 2 at one point. They are the best dancers I have seen who are not black or gay. They know all the words and dance moves to 5ive's greatest hits. Little Phil can do the best Jar Jar Binks impression I have ever heard. I was sad when they left.

Mark and Dave

Spent a lot of time with the guys from Bracknell. Both are doing a bit of travelling before they go to Uni. They are both football fans. I shan't hold it against them as they came in handy udring the sports round in the pub quiz.

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Paul said...

Jen's website is much cooler than yours... its almost as if she asked some geeky friends to set it up for her. Pity you don't have any friends who could do that....