Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ja. Das Gut, Ja!

Was in the shower this morning when I heard The Porn Star pop her head into the men's showers to shout for Robert, her German friend (pictured below).

Robert, it turned out, was in the cubicle next to me, and confirmed his presence by jabbering a retort in German.

When I realised it was him I piped up from the next cubicle. "Hey bruder. Wie gehts?" I shouted above the din of the showerhead, prompting The Porn Star to ask quizzically "Who are you talking to, Robert", this time in English.

"Tell her we're in here together" I hissed to Robert through the partition and he immediately began to translate for The Porn Star.

"Wass?!" she retorted in confusion

"Can you do my back, Robert" I said

"Sure how's this?" replied Robert adding "I'll just bend down to pick up the soap"

The next thing we heard was the door slamming. Think she bought it.

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