Saturday, May 26, 2007

Health and Efficiency

I have decided to give up drink for a week. Not that I've ever been a boozer but it's so easy to claim your free beer here, or blag a mug of goon there.

I never overdo it, but I think it's beginning to take its toll. Poor quality alcohol, poor quality pizza slices and poor quality sleep are not among Gillian McKeith's recommendations for a healthy lifestyle.

All drink and no sleep makes Phil a grumpy boy, so last night (Thursday 24th) was my last drink for a week. I'm hoping I'll stop feeling grotty and get a bit of energy back.

I'm nearly 30. Just can't keep up, like I used to.

Pass me my slippers and that copy of Saga magazine, will you? Oh good the Antiques Roadshow is on tonight. An hour special on Wedgewood Pottery? Can't wait.


Father said...

You would never come out with your father for drink, so what`s gone wrong!

Phil said...

its free

Bec said...

Hey, I love the antiques roadshow! And I'm 18. I'm offended :( it's a great show

Anonymous said...

He failed after two days...

Phil said...

First of all, bec, I have no idea who you are but thanks for your comment. Are you a Michael Aspel fan, or are you more of a hugh Scully person.

Second. It's rather unsporting, "Anonymous", to grass me up like that.

Reveal yourself