Wednesday, May 02, 2007

It's All So Manly

Took a boat across to Manly from Circular Quay. It's a 40 minute trip across Sydney Harbour, past the ubiquitous Opera House and into the coves and inlets that typify Sydney.

Manly itself is one street; a wide but short boulevard lined with Aboriginal art shops and kebab houses together with a central reservation of al fresco cafe tables and palm trees.
At one end the marina. At the other Manley beach. The beach is great. Even though thousands of people visit here every year, it still feels untouched ; a well-kept secret. Had a wander along from one end to the other.

The sea in Australia is deceptive and unpredictable. You can wade in to the sea to what initially seems like shin height, thinking you're safe. Then you realise every fifth wave comes in at waist height and every 14th at elbow height.

Furthermore each ebbing wave dissolves the shelf beneath you, and before you know where you are you're stuck into the floor like a telegraph pole.

Was watching Bondi Rescue on TV a few weeks back. At the height of Summer, lifeguards on Bondi effect a rescue every 40 seconds. People usually totally underestimate Australian tides and routinely get washed out in the direction of New Zealand.

Anyway, Manly is a great day trip and a must for people who want to work on their tan.
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