Saturday, May 26, 2007

Radio Gaga

Chris, 27, from Eastbourne, is also in my room.

Me: So what do you do?
Chris: I work in radio
Me: Oh really, I worked in radio. What did you do?
Chris: Just a producer. Did some stuff on Capital, EMAP, Chrysalis
Me: Me too
Chris: Who did you work for?
Me: Drum. Part of PHD
Chris: Oh I know them.
Me: You know the Guardian Guide ads on Chrysalis?
Chris: Know them? I produced them
Me: I did that deal!
Chris: No way. Do you know the scriptwriters Jo and Sophie?
Me: Yeah. They were shit. I used to have to rewrite all the scripts before they were recorded
Chris: Ha! Yeah I know.

Me and Chris: Eeeeeeeh (the noise of two people going "well, would you believe it. What a small world)

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