Thursday, August 03, 2006

2nd August

Today was better than yesterday, and infinitely better than the day before that. If it continues to improve at this rate, I should reach a state of optimal happiness by the middle of August 2008.

Two kids’ lessons. Both fine, and dare I say it, some of the kids were actually very likeable; particularly Yuseke who is a little fat lad who says “Ay Ay!” and slaps his forehead every time he makes a mistake.

Also a couple of private lessons - one with an absolute honey called Keiko. Good end to the day.

My favourite lesson of the day was with the Desperate Housewives. Five 50 year olds and one poor 33 year old bloke, Takashi, stuck in the middle of them all.

They are a bit like a coven of saucy aunties, and make Carry On / naughty seaside postcard expressions of approval when you tell them anything.

They are very interested in all you have to say and, really, you could read out Chris Rea’s discography and they would still nod approvingly and go “ooooooh” and aaaaah”. And then write it down.

Actually, might try that:

Kyoko, which album featured the track Looking For A Rainbow?”

“Er...Load To Hell?”

“Very good, Kyoko”

Infuriatingly, however, they do tend to be so enthusiastic that not only do they finish their homework, but then go on to pick off and complete random exercises in the book.

Yesterday, I planned a lesson around a game where everyone writes down a question for someone else in the class, and passes on their exercise book to the next person for them to write another question, and so on and so on until we have a list of questions we can all ask each other.

Except when I asked them to open their exercise books, I could see 2 out the 6 had already written all their questions into their books.

“When did you do this” I asked “Was this homework?”

“No, not homework”

“Well, who asked you to do it?”

“I did it at home”

“Yes, I know. But who asked you to do it?”

“I did it on my own”


So, at this point I’m thinking…..”Shit, what do I do now?”. Had to move on to the next exercise which, thankfully, I had looked at in advance.

Also, they often don’t realise you are asking them a question.

Me: So in this sentence how do we change ‘have’ into ‘have got’?

Them: (nodding sagely) Oh yes

Me: No. Listen. In this sentence how do we change ‘have’ into ‘have got’?

Them: (nodding sagely) Oh yes

Me: So how do we do it?

Them: (nodding sagely) Oh yes

Ad infinitum ad nauseum…..

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