Thursday, August 31, 2006

Me Love You Long Time

The knocking shop outside Akabane station’s East Exit is hilarious.

Outside it has a big placard sporting the price made from a series of wooden numbers hung on pegs. When the price goes down (¥4000), they take off a number, and when it goes up (¥7000) they hang another on one.

The zeros usually stay the same, while the first number fluctuates. Almost like the NASDAQ. Or maybe, in this case, the SLAGDAQ.

On the way home last night I nipped into Mos Burger next door for a cheeky hotdog, and walked right past the two women they had out on the street as samples.

Noticed that the price had been lowered to ¥5000. I think I understand why. They looked about 45. Proper old slappers.

I think, as in any market, the price is dictated by the quality.

A few floors above there is a rival boudoir. On the window it says “Lover’s Communication Room”. I’m sure there’s no love lost between the participants, and I doubt, apart from haggling over services, there’s not much communication going on. But it definitely is a room, so one out of three ain’t bad.

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I have no idea why, but your entry made me think of Toshi: