Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Silence is Golden

How do you solve a problem like Kazune?

She’s a 12 year-old girl who has a one-on-one lesson once a week. So far, across the two half-hours she has spoken approximately 8 words: I, don’t, know, no, yes, Beckham, hello (and) goodbye.

I try so hard to get a response from her, but she just stares back with slightly fearful eyes; I’ve just asked her if she like chicken not explain the guiding principles of quantum string-theory.

Her text-book and class report suggests a level of competency I simply don’t seem to be able to find. Is it because I am male and her previous teacher was female? Is it a sullen teenage strop?

Whatever it is, each lesson really drags and I had to finish the lesson mouthing words like I was trying to communicate with someone through soundproof glass:

“Doooo. Youuuu. (point at girl) Have. A. Dick. Shun. Reeeeee? (raise eyebrows quizzically at end to denote question).

It’s like angry Give Us A Clue.

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