Sunday, August 13, 2006

Diamond Ginza

Love this place. It’s the posh bit. Some of it is hidden away in a kind of underground city. This is where you find your Guccis and your Pradas.

Prior to this photo being taken we had been seeking refuge underground from an almighty Biblical storm.

There’s a bloody big typhoon over this way at the moment and it’s already caused a fair bit of grief for the Chinese, the Taiwanese and the Japanese in the Eastern peninsula of Chiba.

About 2.15 Helmut and I were making our way over to Ginza from Tokyo when the sky went an Apocalyptic purple, the wind picked up ominously and the trees began violently depositing their leaves on the sidewalk.

You could feel it in the air, the anticipatory lull ; something big was going to happen.

We picked up speed and moved toward our destination. Minutes later the rain was violently hammering down, like someone had up-ended a billion buckets.

It was great.

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