Sunday, August 27, 2006

Some Things What Have Happened

First the bad news. My iPod is knackered. I feel like I’ve lost a friend.

Second, saw my first push bike accident – a granddad and a teenager wildly swerving over the road only to metallically clatter together. Both blamed the other. Given I’ve been here a month, I’m surprised I’ve not seen it happen sooner.

Third, had my formal feedback from the boss man. Was overwhelmingly positive. Few pointers to pick up on, but otherwise OK. Turns out I might be quite a good teacher after all. Who’d have thought it?

Fourth, went out with Eli last night in Shibuya. Quite a surreal night really, but really good to see her.

Started off by going to a British pub called The Hub, only to be accosted by a Japanese barman who had just finished studying in Manchester.

When he found out I studied in Manchester too, he let rip. Do you know this place? Do you know that place? Did you know so-and-so?

Alarmingly he had developed a slight Manchester accent (“I was doing me degree”), and now he was back in Tokyo had bought all of “Shameless” on DVD to stop the withdrawal symptoms. Sorted, like.

Then, oddly, as I looked up at the big TV screen, I saw another Manchester compatriot of mine, Rob Bantin, in a music video. It’s the Arman van Helden one where people get their bottoms spanked by some models.

It’s very strange when co-incidences pile up like that.


Paul in China said...

eh. Gimmie yer wallet or I'll cut yer.

giacomo said...

Did your new friend try to sell you some baccy or hubcaps?

servanne said...

what? that video in japan? I guess my bottom is getting its extended 15minutes of fame!