Thursday, August 03, 2006

3rd August

Slept for close to 11 hours. I was on my feet all day yesterday and I ache.

Went for brekky at “The Selfridge Café”. Nothing to do with Selfridges in London”. Also they don’t Sell Fridges.

Ordered a coffee and massive pancake stack with a Mt Fuji-sized dollop of ice cream on the top. £2.80. Can’t complain - that would have been £4.50 in London.

Heat now feels different. Before it was a tropical, vegetative, jungle heat and the air tasted of greenery, if that makes sense. Now it’s a stinging, Costa Del Sol, sunlamp heat.

Got back from brekky, and had a call from Helmut. Today is his first day of teaching and he is now beginning to unearth the “quirks” of the job a few days after me.

It’s like a bitching relay. Steve will be next with the baton, I think.

Helmut’s two main gripes were that 1 hour is not enough to prepare for the lessons and that going in early is a redundant exercise as the school isn’t open.


It’s very reassuring when someone echoes your thoughts so precisely.

I am writing this in just my pants. You can take boy out the North......

Also Ive not been able to work out how to edit links yet because the PCs are all in Japanese.
So I should say here that you should also check out me mate Paul Jaymes's blog as well over at

He is far more hardcore than I am and is doing a grand tour of Earth taking in Russia, Oz and China as well as NZ, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Good day to you sir, whichever sweaty shack you may be found supine in.


giacomo said...

Myself and the George were wondfering how you would adjust to the Japanese charater keyboards.

It was entirely possible that there would be entire posts in a jumble of confusion which endangered the reader with a swirling vortex of letters.

Still, on a positive note, I'm sure the card game Uno translates well.

George said...
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Paul in Vietnam said...

Thanks, though having just nearly got stuck in no mans' land in the mountains between Laos and Vietnam beacause of a damaged passport my enthusiasm is starting to drain. Also, I can't find anything I like about Vietnamese food - I know that's not very right-on but it is nonetheless true. For example I find trying to eat pho a messy and unpleasant experience.