Thursday, October 05, 2006

Beam Me Up, Squatty

Today I had a revelation whilst in the toilet.

Note I said “in” the toilet and not “on” the toilet. This is because today I was putting the finishing touches to the perfect squat toilet technique. You may remember that one of my earliest posts was on this subject

It occurred to me that my experiences with Japanese squat toilets and my experiences as a teacher were identical: the first time you do it’s degrading, you’re unsure of the correct procedure, and hesitate and you’ll make a mess.

And, the corollary to that is, as my squatty technique improves so does my teaching.

Incidentally, on that subject, had a great one today. Everything went according to plan with no mistakes.

Taught a good lesson as well

(bum-tish)Thanks ladies and gentlemen, you’ve been a great audience.

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giacomo said...

I am curious about the whole squatting technique. can you draw us a diagram that we could enter into Wikipedia - they don't have an entry on 'how to squat'.