Sunday, October 01, 2006

Oh, Such A Perfect Day...You Just Keep Me Hanging On.

The second award for daft answers goes to Satoshi, the male half of a rather lovely married couple I teach privately on a Monday.

This time the exercise required that the students imagine their perfect day, one week from today, thus allowing them to construct sentences in the future continuous tense - eg this time next week I will be sailing a yacht across the Indian Ocean/ this time next week I will be shagging Keira Knightley etc

“So” I said after giving them thinking time “On your perfect day, what will you be doing at 10am”

Satoshi: I will be listening to a CD

Me: Erm....OK.

Maybe his perfect day hasn’t started yet, I thought. He’s relaxing in preparation for the tsunami of fun.

Me: So, what will you be doing at 2 o’ clock?

Satoshi: I will be watching TV

Me: OK......this is your perfect day, remember.....what will you be doing at 6 o’ clock?

Satoshi: I will be eating my dinner

Me: Righ.....interesting.....this is your perfect day, remember can do anything you want .....what will you be doing at 11 o’clock ?

Satoshi: I will be sleeping

Brilliant. What an exciting day this man is going to have. I bet he can’t wait till next week when these untold pleasures and epicurean delights can be his.

The rest of us poor sods will just have to be content with listening to CDs and watching TV while we have a bit of dinner.


Paul in Moscow said...

So, um, pray tell филип (Philip), what will you be doing on YOUR poy-fect day?

giacomo said...

I think this dude has it alright by me, sounds like a pretty good day by the standards of a Rwandan refugee or homeless person living under the Chiswick flyover.

I quite like CD's, TV Dinner and sleeping - rock on!

Tak said...

Good stuff. In my opinion, Satoshi is a good Boke (a funny man in Japanese comedy, refer to Manzai on Wikipedia, and there is an external link with more details). He seemed to have put a trap for you by getting his wires crossed (or he was just lost indeed).

S-J said...

Oh the irony!

Phil said...

For the record, I too enjoy nothing more than eating food , listening to music, and watching TV.

But on my perfect day I may be persuaded to venture out of the flat, if there was the promise of a trip in Space, a twos-up with a pair of Hollywood actresses and a Glastonbury headlining slot to air my work-in-progress mammoth prog rock guitar solo.