Sunday, October 01, 2006

The “Whether” Forecast

Schedules are out for next month and, as promised by Shane, mine looks a bit thinner this time. I have two sick cover days and providing no one is ill on those particular days, I have a fairly normal month.

It will be just my luck, however, that some untimely Shane-annigans will scupper the relative, potential peace and quiet of October.

I predict something will change; some subtle alteration, some imperceptible adjustment which, in the time it takes for The Language School Butterfly to flap its wings, will have become a Tropical Shit Storm for me.

Not much a “whether” forecast as a “when” forecast, I think.


Father said...

"Av you not brought owt?"
Isn`t it time, son and heir, that you gave this crappy outfit the big "e".

Paul in Moscow said...

Sounds to me like, if you make like you want to quit, you'll get a whole lot of bumlicking and maybe a bit of a payrise.

Anf if you don't... well maybe they just don't value you enough....