Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Safety: Helmut

A couple of days previously I called up Helmut and asked him if I could crash at his pad for a few days. He graciously offered me his spare room without quibble.

Monday morning I got up at 6.30am. I had to get to Helmut’s in Konosu for 9am, get installed, and then head back to head office to give instructions to the teachers covering my lessons and also to close my bank account.

So during rush hour I lugged my big red suitcase, laptop and rucksack across Central Tokyo. That was fun.

Helmut’s house is the real deal though. It’s so authentic; from the ultra-minimal emptiness of the living spaces to the tatami matting and very low tables, I keep expecting a ninja to come crashing through the screen doors at any moment.

I absolutely love it. And should I ever settle anywhere, and if I can do it without looking like a pretentious twat, I would like my house to look like this.
In one corner of the room he has a special alcove designed for displaying whatever is in season – whether that be a flower cutting, a branch or maybe an Oriental screen.

I said I thought he should put a big plasma screen TV in there. I don’t think he’s too keen.

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giacomo said...

Am I the only person to notice he doesn't use coasters?