Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Friday Afternoon

So, Friday I was back over to head office to inform them of a revised plan.

I knew it wasn’t going to go down too well as Duncan had made me promise that I would work to the 18th. Also, the “ill-relative” excuse is the most common in the book. Two reasons: first, it means that you can leave almost immediately and second, people are reluctant to question you on such a sensitive subject.

But this was genuine. And I had to convince them that this was so.

There was no body really at head office so I left a message with Duncan. By the time I had got to Misato he had called.

“You have to understand, this does look like a bit of a coincidence…” he said. “Especially after you agreed to work until the 18th”

“To be honest, Duncan, I’m not bothered how it looks. My priority is now to get home” I replied.

“OK” He said. “Well I’ll be over your way at 3.30 for a Leaving Teacher meeting”.

He arrived on the dot and we sat down quickly to discuss what needed to be done.

“I’ve spoken to Nishi Kasai (Shane’s Bond Villain-HQ)…. and I have to say they don’t believe you” he said. “But, it doesn’t make any difference. I believe you, and I think you’re probably going to leave anyway, aren’t you?”

Again, he was very accommodating. He gave me a leaving questionnaire to fill in. It was in the shape of a grid. Down the side it had “Reasons For Leaving” and across the top “a very strong factor; a strong factor; a factor; possibly a factor; not a factor”.

The thing that interested me though, was that the “reasons for leaving” were all the things I’ve ever moaned about on this blog: standby/cover ; teaching children ; long hours ; teaching materials.

In short, it’s clear they know exactly what’s wrong with the company.

On reasons for leaving I ticked “not a factor” for “don’t like Japan” because I bloody love it. And also I ticked “possibly a factor” for “management” because Duncan and Neil have been great and are just as much pawns in this game as I.

“Don’t worry about that” he said “People have ticked ‘a very strong factor’ for management whilst sat right in front of me before now”

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