Sunday, October 15, 2006

Super, Tramp

Today, Jun came out with another rather baffling answer to a question I had posed.

If you remember Jun is the businessman who, although initially appearing rather repressed, revealed that he goes out after work and gets so drunk that if you mapped out his human genome it would spell ”blotto” in chromosomes.

I had prepared a lesson on horoscopes to help him practise describing personal traits, and thought as a nice lead-in we could brainstorm ways of predicting the future. Tucked underneath my textbook was small piece of paper where I had jotted some ideas: crystal ball, tarot cards, palm reading.

“So Jun” I said “What methods of predicting the future are there?”

“Tramps” he responded

“Tramps?” I said quizzically, hoping my tone and expression would force him to correct himself.

“Tramps. Yes” he said nodding sagely

Well obviously he’s just got the wrong word, I thought

But then those thoughts turned to Jun’s after-hours exploits and I wondered if that, after a heavy salaryman sauce session, he’d perhaps happened upon a magic tramp with the power to predict the future.

Then later when he got home, maybe he had told his wife all about the tramp that lived in the alley behind the karaoke bar, and she had made him sleep in the spare room. Just as the tramp had predicted.


Matthew Cashmore said...

sorry... I'm still laughing at 'blotto' .... I'll write again when I stop crying.

giacomo said...

I'd like to know a Tramp with mystical future reading powers. Much like Spoony, who lives under Chiswick flyover, he's friends with Allanis Morrisette you know. He also likes spoons.