Sunday, September 10, 2006


Some of you know me well. Some of you know me very well.

Some of you will understand the potentially catastrophic consequences of my running out of audio, video and good old dead tree (that’s books to anyone over 40).

As previously mentioned Japanese TV does nothing for me, I have read the books I brought and there’s only a certain number of times I can re-listen to my Alan Partridge and Mighty Boosh downloads.

So an open request to anyone out there with a shred of compassion: send me content. I will off course wire money for blank CDs and postage and packing.

George and Giacomo, Grand Viziers of The Download - I’m looking in your direction. Paul’s stuff will only last so long, and I’ll be cold turkey before you know it.

Some good quality Brit/US comedy or maybe a film or two wouldn’t go amiss.

Hey I’m on bended knee here.

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giacomo said...


Well, email me the postal address of your can of spam apartment and I'll have a root around. I gave Geo a large quantity of dead trees when he helped me move house, so if he's read some of it he could mail it on.

As for CDR's and stuff, well I'll see what I can do! Keep checking and tell me what tickles your fancy.