Thursday, September 14, 2006

Elvis Doesn’t Live

After impressing me greatly last week by telling me she had been playing a Deep Purple medley with her school band, Ikumi has really let herself down.

One of the questions in her text book asked her to choose an adjective describing how she would react to a number of scenarios.

The examples included: you have been robbed; you have won the lottery; you are in a haunted house etc. And of course, she was meant to say: happy; surprised; scared etc.

Except I noticed the last one had been left blank. The scenario was : you saw Elvis.

“Who’s Elvis?” she said looking at me blankly

“Who’s Elvis?” I said back, probably a little too much venom “You’ve never heard of Elvis Presley?”


So, it’s come to this. That a man born in 1977, the year Elvis died, is now so old that a girl he teaches is young enough to have never heard of Elvis.

I’ll be 30 soon. Then it will all be over.


Giacomo said...

I thought you were 30 and lready and hanging on for dear life.

I am rather disapointed by this young lady's lack of Elvis knowledge. Maybe he has a different name in Japan, such as 'Kinnu-Sitzu!!'

giacomo said...

or 'Son of Moth-Ra'.