Sunday, September 10, 2006

Random Factor, Like A Tractor.

In attempt to marshal random thoughts, this section will feature a series of unconnected ramblings. Think of it as Blog Pourri.

* There’s a lovely girl in my Tuesday class called Ikumi. She is very bright for her 17 years of age and has been assigned a textbook she can do in her sleep.

When I asked her what she had done at the weekend and she replied that she had been that she had been playing saxophone in the school band. “What did you play?” I asked her, thinking I already knew the answer “...some traditional Japanese folk tunes?”

“Aaah no” she said politely. “We play Deep Purple medley.”

Man, I wished I had been there to see that. Smoke On The Water must rock most heavily on a tuba - Parp, Parp, Paaaah.........Parp Parp PaahPaah

* Out again last night with David, another teacher from my school at Sendagi. We were discussing about how we greet the students at the door and what questions we should ask them before we let them enter the classroom.

It’s usually “how are you today?”, but we both agreed that the response “I am fine thankyou” was getting boring.

David, who is Scottish, said he might teach them “Aye, ahm no bad, pal”, and that I would greet them with “Eh up. Nah then” only for them to respond “Ahm alraight”

* And finally....Famous Japanese Myths #1

Before I came to Japan I was under the impression that Japanese pupils were obedient, dutiful and respectful.

What utter, utter bollocks.

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Father said...

Ar see that thay is tryin to get them the`are kids to spake North Derbyshire. Ast thar sure thar `as the raight boook. Dunt thar wont "Ay up me Duck", that very well known tome for the raight-minded of Bolsover. Stik we it, a`rm sure they will gerrit sumtime.