Sunday, September 10, 2006

Shick As Thit

There’s an old Armstrong and Miller sketch where two gruff, no-nonsense Northern businessmen hold a “Better Business Practice Seminar” for a series of rapt, grey-suited Japanese salarymen.

“You see, in business, what the Japanese need to do...” says one, turning over a flip chart

“ 'Give Less Of A Shit’

....advice that I would do well to take. I take it personally when a kid doesn’t understand something. Especially when, in my mind, it’s perfectly simple; this isn't difficult. Why can’t you understand it?

Take this example:

Me (holding up a picture of a snowman): “What is this? It’s a snowman. Harafumi?

Harafumi: eet’s a snowman

Me: Good. It’s a snowman. Yuseke?

Yuseke: eet’s a snowman

Me: Good. It’s a snowman. Ayano?

Ayano: eet’s a snowman

Me: Good. It’s a snowman. Ayaka?

Ayaka: eet’s a snowman

Me: It’s a snowman. Yuki?

Yuki: er......

Me: Yuki - it’s a snowman

Yuki: er......My name is Yuki

Me: Aaaaaaaargh.

However, later I did have a moment of clarity: some kids are, unfortunately, just thick.

To join this school the only thing they test is the ability to hand over the money.

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