Thursday, September 28, 2006

Japan's Future : In Safe Hands

Please find enclosed Junnoseke, Yutaro and Shuntaro.

These are all 10 years old, and a think they are the dogs bollocks.

They are not. But I am.


Anonymous said...

hi phil, just looked at your site ,lots to read!! hope its all going well.
mum and dad will tell us all about it when they come to try the new spa in a couple of weeks.
i just need to time it right, if i leave it to late to ask him, ie after the 2nd glass of red, all i will get is babble, or is that after the 2nd sip!

Anonymous said...

im sure you guessed its bone!!

giacomo said...

I didn't!!!!

giacomo said...

By the way, Is it legal to name and shame kids in Japan?

Phil said...

Cheers Monsieur Rawlings

You're not surfing the web whilst flying the aeroplane I hope.

Anonymous said...

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