Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Man In The Hat Is Back

Thanks must go to this man.

Paul, who has been sleeping on my floor for the past week, is near to completing his mammoth two year world tour and called in on me on his way from China to Vladivostok.

When I last saw him he was having Russian Visa issues and was trying to talk his way on to a boat in some remote Japanese port. Ray Mears? Pah!

Haven’t heard from him since. He is either on a train snaking across Siberia or been sold as slave labour to a secret Communist gulag.

His round the world trip has proved pretty expensive overall, so of course I charged him no rent, but here are some things he did as payment:

* Mended my computer

* Sorted out all my trash into combustible and non-combustible and put it out on the right days

* Found a cash machine in Akabane which took my Mastercard

* Gave me a load of content including Ricky Gervais’s podcasts, audio from Blackadder and League Of Gentlemen and also the entire first series of Doctor Who

* Bought all the beer and biscuits

* Did all my washing

* Cleaned my kitchen and bathroom and hoovered up

To you sir, I say thankyou.

Check out his blog at


Paul in Russia said...

Not forgetting that I personally supervised the official changing of your pants and socks :-)

Anonymous said...

Paul, it's comments like that which prove Phil is A Good Friend to you! dc: