Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Yugo and Shodai

Here are two of my students, Yugo (8) and Shodai (7).

You'll notice the "V" gesture here. This is not a reference to peace, nor is it a historical nod to Churchill's acknowledgement of victory in Europe.

Rather this is the Japanese equivalent of "cheeeeeese".

Don't really understand it, but wander round Tokyo and you will often catch people stood in front of temples and whatnot giving it the Vees while their other half does the snapping.

Yugo, on the left, is quite clearly very clever and is too advanced for this group. He scored 100% on his test and spends most of the lesson bored.

Shodai on the other hand spends most of the lesson pretending to be a robot.


giacomo said...

Can he dance like a robot from 1984? Is there any way you can speperate out the smart kids from the ones with no soul to only spend time teaching those who want to learn rather then those who don't know they need to learn?

Phil said...

Alas no.

I am thinking of suggesting to Shane that every term they give you a kind of educational smart bomb, where you can just get rid of, say, 6 kids from any class, you just can't be bothered to teach

Dont think they'll go for it

giacomo said...

I don't know... I kind of like the whole 'You get five Shenanigan cards to use on kids during a yearly term. Once played, a Shenanigans card excuses the child from teaching for the remainder of the year, thus freeing you from trying to teach the thick little scroat-face.'