Sunday, September 24, 2006

I Am The Invigilator

This week was Mid Term Tests and I was invigilator.

Shh. Turn over your papers now. No talking. Pens down......and all that lot. It's so much fun being on the "other side" for a change.

As anticipated some of my kids have done very well. Others haven’t got a hope in hell.

Great quote from Neil from the Young Ones on the subject of exams:

It was horrible. I sat in the big hall and put my pocket of Polos on the desk. And my spare pencil and my support gonk. And my chewing gum and my extra pen. And my extra Polos and my lucky gonk. And my pencil sharpener shaped like a cream cracker. And more gonks with a packet of Polos in each. And lead for my retractable pencil. And my retractable pencil. And spare lead for my retractable pencil. And chewing gum and pencils and pens and more gonks, and the guy says "Stop writing, please."

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