Sunday, September 24, 2006

When I Was 7, All I Had To Worry About Was.....

I’ve been teaching kids for 2 months now. I’d had very little experience of them up until recently, but one thing I’ve realised is this: being a kid is wicked:

When I Was 7, All I Had To Worry About Was.......

* If Street Hawk was on tonight. Or Dempsey and Makepeace

* If Martin’s Newsagent would deliver my Transformers comic on time

* If I was having Waffles or Alphabites with me fishburgers for tea

* When my Dad would fit that siren to my BMX

* Where the missing card from my pack of Top Trumps was (it was under the beanbag)

* When it would next snow

* Whether this programme I wrote would work:

10 Print “I Am Skill”
20 Goto Line 10

Here Are Some Things Of Which I Was Blissfully Unaware:

* Kebab-induced diarrhoea

* Call centre hold music

* Call centres

* Women

* Delays on the Northern Line

* Staff appraisals

* Morning hangovers and ensuing mid-afternoon slump

* Mortgages/rent/stakeholder pensions/mini-cash ISAs/tracker funds

* My prostate gland

Comment leavers, I feel we haven’t scratched the surface here. Please feel free to add to these lists. The responses will form the basis of an exciting exhibition hosted in Uttoxeter Town Hall from 5th-7th October 2006.

The best response in either category might receive a thing.

Please mark your entries: When I Was 7, All I Had To Worry About Was………


giacomo said...

...why none of the other kids had sideburns, a deep voice and no problem buying White Lightning.

Matthew Cashmore said...

Long time reader, first time poster...

Giacomo will be happy I'm here :-)

When I was 7 the only thing I had to worry about was if my GICANTIC Knight Rider poster would fall off the wall again - this was very important to me at the time and I would wander back to my bedroom / rush home from school (a whole 10 yards away) to check that Michael Knight and KIT where okay. In the end my father had to screw the poster to the wall before I would stop pestering him.

Things I was blisfully unaware of...

Wedding Lists
Michael Knight was not real
KIT was driven by a man on the back seat
London is a REALLY expensive place to live

Father said...

Whether or not my dad would find out that the village Bobby had biffed my ear`ole for scrumping apples.

Instant justice! Ah! the good old days.

Phil said...


Cheers for the post.

You may be interested to know that the week before I went away I saw The Hoff himself on Charlotte St.

He was wandering up and down outside the Charlotte St Hotel shouting into a mobile.

We tried to follow him but a big man in a suit stopped us.

Thanks for reading the site

Paul in Moscow said...

When I was 7 the only thing I had to worry about was going swimming, which for some reason I just didn't like at that age.