Thursday, April 05, 2007


There are a lot of kebab shops in Sydney.

And they're not like the London ones. You know the kind on South Lambeth Road you stagger into at 2am.

"Chillisaucesalad?", "Chilli sauce mate, but no salad"

No, these are like legitimate kebab shops, elevated to respectability, where the meat can be joined by a whole host of accompaniments. And I don't mean iceberg lettuce and a poxy lemon wedge.

Today I had a kebab sausage with cheese and egg and wrapped in pastry which I ate whilst looking at the topless women on the beach.

And in this country, I've done nothing wrong.

1 comment: said...

Harry's Pie Shop.

Go there.

Also find the Digeredoo shop in the mall near circular quay, they will give you free lessons if you buy one.