Monday, April 23, 2007

The World Was My Oyster, But It's Also My Lobster

Went sight seeing today. Decided to mix it up with a route combining land, sea and air.

Met up the night before with a bloke called Rich from Bexley Eeeeeef and resolved to do something the next day.

Set off at 9.30 on The Big Walk. Down to Woolomooloo and the quay where Russell Crowe lives, past Harry's Cafe De Wheels (famous pie kiosk), along the waterfront and up and into the New South Wales Art gallery.

Gallery was OK. Some good stuff (Japanese room complete with ancient samurai swords and kimonos) and some shit (Tracey Emin).

Out of the gallery, across the botanical gardens and over to Circular Quay (home of Opera House and Bridge) to call in on Bruce.

Bruce is a semi-permanent guest at the Pink House and makes a living down on the quay juggling fire and lying on a bed of nails. We had just missed his act when we arrived, but he came and had a word with us anyway.

Later we found that after we had left, whilst Bruce was juggling some flaming torches, a drunk bloke sauntered up behind him and, in front of massive crowd of people, tried to unplug all his PA system and run off with it. It was only when Bruce's mic started ....utting...out.....and he realised what was happening.

Then a ferry from Pier 5. Under the SH Bridge, and all the way round to Darling Harbour. Called in at Sydney Aquarium. Was going to go to the Wildlife Museum but was accosted by a German woman from our ferry who said "Dont go in zere. It izt crep!"

Aquarium was good. Saw my first Duck Billed Platypus. Lot smaller than I thought. I was under the impression they were as big as a badger but they are about the size of a large baguette.

Their Manta Rays were the size of a double duvet.

Out of the aquarium and on to the monorail, into town, through Hyde Park and back over to Kings Cross. I was out nearly 7 hours and was knackered.

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Paul said...

A mobile phone is my lobster (the Lobster 700TV to be exact), and my oyster is a little plastic card that lets me go on the tube.