Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Better Than A Zooooooom

Wow. There's something that the Australians do better than anyone else: ice cream. I mean better than the Italians. Ooooh controversial.

In comparison, Baskin Robbins, Haagen Dasz and Ben & Jerry's are like a big canary-yellow tub of Londis Vanilla.

I've just been to an ice cream parlour in Coogee. They have these massive troughs of multicoloured ice cream, all whipped-up until they're falling over in slow motion - huge tumbling quiffs of sugar. I could feel myself turning diabetic as I was looking at them. I think I might have drooled a bit.

A couple of days ago, I bought an icecream from a Mr Whippy van and, before the bloke gave it to me, he dipped the whole ice cream (flake aswell) into a bubbling vat of Ice Magic.

Mmmmm.....80s Ice cream.
Can we have a vote, please, for the best 80s ice cream. My money goes on the Mini Milk.


Anonymous said...

oooo mini milk! thats mine!! I earnt my self the nickname lolly langlois as a wee child by eating soooo many mini milks! but I seem to remember they don't sell them down under.

Anonymous said...

nice to know you like sucking on a mini milk

Giacomo said...

Mini-milks rule! Much better then the sub-standard Mr Men versions.

I never liked the double chocolate flavour icecream of the Zoom or even the Fab (with it's pop cultural ironicness). It just tasted shit.

Paul said...

The term 'Ice Lollie' might confuse Aussies as they call them 'Ice Blocks', and 'Lollies' are just sweets.

I was thinking of adding a smutty remark about mini milks but someone seems to have beaten me to it.

robb said...

I remember the ice cream places in Coogee - great way to pull... after meeting while drunk at the CBH, suggest something large amd creamy to get their chops around.

Most food in Oz tastes better, including ice creams... less people, more land... erm.. lots of sun, cows and sugar.

SiG said...

Sorry to rain on your parade, but the king of 80's frozen treats is the Knobbly Bobbly. Fact.

Paul said...

Knobbly what? Don't remember that one, sure that wasn't a special one given to you by a dirty old man in the park?

www.Giacomorilla.com said...

dude, ice cream in Australia tastes completely different as they put all kinds of mucky muck in it to stop it from melting quicker then a tart's edible knickers.

Joff said...

As a child my parents owned a grocers which had a vast freezer full of ice creams, ice poles (ice pops if you're weird), etc. I feel this gave me the insight (and waistline) into the best impulse lines Walls and Lions Maid could offer a kid in the early 90s.

This meant I could compare the Mivvi with the Strawberry Split, the strawberry, vanilla and even chocolate mini milk, Mars ice cream (and the other bars that appeared soon after for Snickers, Crunchie, Bounty, etc).

By far my favourite was the Walls Pzazz. It was like a large mini milk, but a bit yellowy with coloured swirls and tasted a bit caramelly (like a Caramac).

I never really got the Feast, the chocolate in the middle always seemed a bit naff and I have memories of eating one in the car on a rainy day at the seaside.

Sadly I also got to see the price of the products soar and looking back it was probably affecting every other product in the shop...

Sidetracking, I remember when we got Tab Clear in at 10p for a 330ml can when everything else was about 35p. Can you even buy a can of a brand soft drink for under 60p these days?

Oh and don't get me started on penny sweets - my first business venture was flogging bags of "mix up" to kids at lunch times. I was probably single handedly responsible for childhood obesity within 2 miles of that school. Ace.