Thursday, April 19, 2007

Goon But Not Forgotten

When I wrote this post, I had a terrible hangover. Exacerbated, for sure, by the (literally) piss-poor quality wine I was drinking.

Aussies call cheap boxed wine "Goon". Before you ask, I don't know.

Last night, I spent the evening syphoning off "goon" into a tea mug via a plastic catheter attached to what looked like a big foil bladder. Classy.

Then I broke my "Jenga" cherry. I am now Jengameister General. Then I had a conversation entirely in French with a girl from Belgium called Fanny.

I stayed up until 3am and finished off the evening with an ill-advised verbal sparring match with an English girl who claimed her roots lay with Romany Gypsies. Suspicious, I immediately decided to test the theory by asking her if she had ever tarmaced a drive, walked a dog on a piece of string whilst thinking of David Essex or offered to sharpen anyone's kitchen knives.

She wasn't amused.

I was though.


Goon Merchandise said...

Time for a shameless plug. Follow the link to choose from my exclusive range of Goon merchandise. This is not a joke.

Paul said...

BTW if you're bored, you can easily start an argument between a Belgian-French and French person by asking them what is the word for the number '90'. Just sit back and watch.

If you find a Swiss-French person you can include '70' and '80' as well.

A Belgian girl (at the pink house) once said to me that she admired the purity of the Swiss numbers and wished Belgian French would get 70 and 80 right as well as 90!

robb said...

Its great that you have finally had some fanny action!

Phil said...

Fanny action?

I wish

Phil said...

Fanny action?

I wish

George said...

So good it was worth saying twice! said...

So good it was worth repeating!