Saturday, April 07, 2007

Can You Tell What It Is Yet?

Some random snaps from a wander round Sydney yesterday.

A quay that also doubles as a naval port. Kristy has been here a few times before visiting her sister who is in the Australian Navy.

Apparently, the white building on the end belongs to Russel Crowe. Appropriate that he lives so close to people who are no stranger to fighting

Kookaburas. They make a noise like this "wakakakakakakakakaka-waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

Me in Hyde Park

Hey you! Yes, you. Are you a young Christian? Well, look out because ex-Nazi, Pope Ratzinger is coming soon. Yes. Only 465 days to go before he's here. God is grooooooovy!

Note I think the woman in this photo is already queueing up. It's over a year away, love. I'd go and get yourself a cup of tea or something.

1 comment: said...

That Quay with the naval port is where Harry's Pie bar is. You can sit on the big metal pins and play 'guess what country that boat is from'.

Go get a pie and then you can walk around Russell Crowes building laughing at his poor architectural taste. It's a nice walk, shame about the dull building.