Monday, April 23, 2007

"The World" Was My Oyster

You'll find that many hostels have "arrangements" with bars around Kings Cross allowing an hour of free beer for its tenants, the idea being : get 'em in for free, get 'em drunk, then, when they're ready for some more we'll start charging through the nose.

Of course in reality what happens is that everyone turns up, necks the beer and then buggers off back to the hostel to drink goon and argue about what's playing on the stereo.

Having said that, I did stay a while at The World Bar on Thursday night where it was free beer for an hour.

En masse The Pink House trooped off and annexed an entire corner of the bar where we sat with our free and gigantic tankards of ale.

It was an indie night in The World, and so the playlist was good: Blur, Charlatans, Primal Scream, Joy Division etc

Me and a bloke called Liam (good indie name) began wallowing in 90s nostalgia when we realised we both knew all the words to "Boys and Girls" by Blur, and then became rather depressed when we realised that one bloke sat there, who was 18 years old, must have been 6 when Definitely Maybe was recorded.

6 years old. God, I'm so old.


Paul said...

I like the World bar; have you spotted the scaelectric tracks yet? said...

I remember those scalectrics tracks!